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Real Estate Transactions and Disputes

Landlord/Tenant Law

Signing Contract

Housing is a sensitive issue for many people and so it is often best to leave it to lawyers you can trust to represent your interests. Our attorneys at the Cohen Law Group provide both landlords and tenants with effective representation. We will advocate for you in any violations of the lease agreement, evictions, and all disputes between landlords and tenants. Some examples of matters that may arise include the tenant’s failure to pay rent or use of the property in an inappropriate manner, or the landlord’s failure to maintain or repair the property.

Purchase and Sale Agreements

Our attorneys at the Cohen Law Group will advise you on all aspects of buying and selling real property, from negotiating the sale price, preparing the offer to purchase, conducting the settlement, resolving title issues, and drafting and negotiating the final agreement. We are here to ensure that you are kept well informed of all difficulties that may arise during the process of buying and selling real property, as it is often the largest transaction that the average person makes in their lifetime.

Boundary Disputes and Easements

An easement is the right of another individual to use your property according to the conditions set forth in an agreement. Boundary lines in New England delineate the property you own from the surrounding property and often times have been drawn up centuries ago. These concepts are often challenging to grasp because they are invisible, which makes seeking professional assistance of the utmost importance. Our attorneys at the Cohen Law Group understand this area of the law well and want you to feel comfortable putting your representation on behalf of these disputes in our hands.

Private/Public Nuisance

When an individual is inhibiting you from using and enjoying your property in the way that you desire, and it is causing you substantial harm, our attorneys at the Cohen Law Group will represent you in putting this to an end. Situations involving a nuisance can be both tangible and non-tangible, it does not matter. We will seek to halt the damage and argue for appropriate reparations because of the nuisance, no matter if it is caused by the government or another citizen.

Zoning & Permitting

Our attorneys at the Cohen Law Group will represent you before municipal boards and regulatory agencies on behalf of all of your demands relating to the use and development of land that you own. We will seek a change in the zoning, request a variance, or obtain a permit on your behalf to ensure that your use of the land complies with the law and that you avoid civil and possibly criminal proceedings that may occur with a zoning violation.

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