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Business Formation


Gavel and Contract

The Cohen Law Group understands the importance of having an attorney draft the purchase & sale agreement you need when you are buying or selling a business. We are aware of the due diligence and attention to detail required when purchasing or selling a business so as to avoid possible unforeseen liabilities. We will take care of all of the research and documents required to see that the transaction goes as smoothly as possible and leaves you in the best place going forward.

Contract Drafting

There are many factors that should be taken into account when forming a business, such as: liability, taxes, management, and investing & financing. Our attorneys at the Cohen Law Group will provide you with a personalized and professionally-drafted contract tailored to your business needs and far superior to any boilerplate or template contracts that you will find elsewhere. Trust us to create a contract that will protect you in the event that a dispute arises.


Our attorneys at the Cohen Law Group are well-informed as to the federal, state, and municipal licenses that are required to operate your business. We will explain the many rules and regulations in existence so that your business will be functioning accordingly and will avoid penalties or fines.

Intellectual Property

If your business uses a catchphrase, slogan, motto, logo, or brand name, the Cohen Law Group will assist you in obtaining non-tangible property rights such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights to protect them. Without securing these rights, your business can be at great risk of losing its value and possibly face bankruptcy. Our attorneys will help you to apply for registration of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, along with enforcing them and tracking infringements against them.

Domestic International Service Corporations (“DISC”)

DISC is a tax incentive for U.S. businesses involved in export activities. It is a shell entity created by a U.S. exporting corporation who forms the DISC and contractually agrees to pay it a commission on all the export sales. The profits made by the DISC are generally exempt from federal income tax because the profits are distributed to its shareholders who are taxed on the income as a dividend. The attorneys at the Cohen Law Group are ready and willing to explain the process to you in greater detail should you be interested in forming a DISC.

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