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Business Litigation

At the Cohen Law Group, the areas of business litigation that we practice include: breach of contract, business torts, non-compete violations, patent & trademark violations, and shareholder & partnership disputes. We represent everyone ranging from sole proprietors, members of LLCs, shareholders, partners entrepreneurs and business entities as a whole.

Breach of Contract

The business world is heavily contract-based and the attorneys at the Cohen Law Group understand that. We have seen a plethora of contracts relating to all aspects of business including: operating agreements, employment contracts, sales, loans, franchises, leases, and many others. Trust that you are in good hands with attorneys who will be able to achieve the damages or injunction that you need to get your business properly functioning again.

Business Torts

Our attorneys at the Cohen Law Group will represent your business in all related tort actions ranging from unfair competition to deceptive business practices under 93A and fraudulent misrepresentation to commercial defamation. We are very experienced in handling these matters in both state and federal court and want you to rely on our skills if you have been either harmed by or accused of a business tort.

Non-Compete Violations

Often the question that arises with respect to non-compete agreement violations is whether they were reasonably established in the first place. Many of the elements to consider include the amount of time the individual worked for the former employer, the specific time in which the departing individual is supposed to avoid competition, and the geographical boundaries set in which competition shall not occur. The attorneys at Cohen Law Group can break down the law so that you will understand it and are willing to both enforce your non-compete agreements and to challenge them as to their enforceability.

Shareholder & Partner Disputes

Internal business disputes must be dealt with using the utmost care and caution so as not to disrupt the efficiency of the business. If this is not kept in mind, the entire business may be placed in jeopardy. Trust the Cohen Law Group to represent you if you are a shareholder or a partner in your dispute and know that we will work closely to ensure that profit losses are minimized and reputations are not harmed.

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